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If you’re serious about trying a Hemp or Cannabis product to treat a medical condition, this is your opportunity to become a member of our buying club and buy any of the products featured on our site for 40% off whenever you order or re-order from us.

We do not sell cannabis or hemp products containing THC. We sell pharmaceutical grade products extracted from Hemp which contain 10X more CBD than most other products on the market for about half the price. We can do this because we manufacture and extract all of our derivatives ourselves. We developed our proprietary formulas over four years with the help of researchers from the University of Washington and our own biochemists.

Taking a supplement with CBD may or may not be your answer, but if the dose is not large enough to meet clinical guidelines established through clinical research, you will not get the results you were expecting.

We state emphatically for the record that the “Entourage effect” was only a theory, which in the end has proven to be totally false as a result of clinical research. If you just want to get “High”, that’s a different matter and we do not offer products in this category.

Different cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV, etc. all have different effects on the body which can counteract each other when taken together, especially if the oil contains all of the original terpenes. For example, one Terpene makes you sleepy, the other one gives you energy similar to a caffeine lift. Another one suppresses appetite. Take them all together with a spattering of CBD and nothing happens or the oil is only minimally effective.

So this is your chance to try a pharmaceutical grade CBD product that is concentrated enough to produce the clinical results that you read about in most medical journals. We can’t promise that it will work for you, but we can promise that you will be getting 10X more for your money than buying a low-dose full-spectrum product.

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