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Beyond Full Spectrum

Beyond Full Spectrum

BioSmart Research produces nutraceutical grade formulations using isolates extracted from full spectrum CBD oils using High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography.

Our isolates are produced using food grade Ethanol which is combined with other natural ingredients including essential terpenes and nutraceuticals to produce the most effective supplements for the type of condition a person is treating.

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What’s the difference between full spectrum CBD oils and isolate formulas?

Full Spectrum oils contain more than 110+ individual types of cannabinoids. Most of these are non-essential to any specific treatment for a specific condition. Cannabinidiol (CBD) is the most abundant of all the cannabinoids and, unlike THC, it is not psychoactive. Most of our formulas contain CBD and few selected cannabinoids that are specific to that formula such as CBG and CBN. However, If you are consuming full spectrum oil, in all likelihood, some of the cannabinoids you are consuming are counter-productive to treating certain conditions. For example, a full spectrum oil contains cannabinoids that both relieve anxiety and stimulate cerebral activity.

Full Spectrum oils are usually not effective because of the relatively small amounts of CBD in the formula. The full-spectrum oil needs to be diluted out in order to reduce the amount of THC to permissible legal limits. For this reason, a full-spectrum product might be ineffective or only partially effective. Full-Spectrum CBD oils, therefore, aren’t always the best supplement for many conditions, so why consume a full spectrum oil? For more information on the limitations of full-spectrum oils click here.

The advantages of treating a specific condition with a customized formula containing the right type of cannabinoids and other essential ingredients is usually more effective than consuming a full-spectrum oil. That’s why It’s better to buy a significantly higher amount of the essential cannabinoids in a specific formula that targets your specific needs.

How do we do it?

Our process utilizes high-pressure liquid chromatography using only organic food-grade ethanol in the process. Unlike other methods of chromatography, High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography preserves all of the constituents in the plant thus enabling us to re-combine and concentrate the groups of cannabinoids that are most appropriate for treating specific conditions. In order for a supplement to be maximally effective, additional terpenes and flavonoids extracted from the plant during HPLC extraction are blended back into the formulation to enhance and act synergistically with the cannabinoids that are being used in the formula. Being able to concentrate these additional constituents into the formula makes for a more potent and effective supplement that is going to provide a better outcome for the user.

Know how much CBD is in the bottle

In most cases, the CBD product label will tell you the total amount of CBD in the product. This is commonly expressed as the amount of CBD in milligrams. Usually, you will see this as the big number right on the front label. This is the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. Most CBD oil tinctures range in amount from 250 milligrams to 3000 milligrams.
It’s important to know that the total amount of CBD in the bottle is not a measure of the product’s strength, or potency, on its own. The potency is also based on the size of the bottle.

To determine potency you need to know three things:

  1. What is the size of the bottle in milliliters or ounces? ( a 30 ml bottle = 1 oz.)
  2. How many total milligrams of CBD is in the bottle?*
  3. The total amount of CBD in each ml or serving.

Divide the total number of mg’s in the bottle by the number of ml’s in the bottle to determine the potency. For instance, if you have a 1 oz. (30 ml) bottle with 1500 mg of CBD oil the potency is 1500/30ml = 50mg/ml. This would provide a moderate dose if consuming 1 ml. Most therapeutic dosing requirements are significantly higher than this. For additional dosing and clinical guidelines click here.

What’s the difference when it comes to labeling and pricing?

CBD retailers have various ways of explaining what’s in the product. The label contains a lot of information, but the most important information on the label is the weight (in the jar) or volume of the contents in the bottle (30g = 1 oz, 30 ml = 1 oz); the total amount of CBD in the bottle or jar, and the total amount of CBD in each ml or serving.

You need to know these three things to determine how much CBD you are paying for.

“By most standards, BioSmart Research sells its products for less by selling directly to the public without high sales commissions to affiliates and marketers. Our promotional strategy is to sell high potency products that really work and carry that message forward by word of mouth to those who seriously need an effective product.”

Steve Lund, BioChemist, BioSmart Research

What to expect when taking CBD:

Vape vs Tinctures vs. Balms & Sticks. Different CBD products take different times to interact with the body’s metabolic systems. Vape oils are significantly faster than any other type of supplement to treat chronic pain. Sticks and balms work extremely well on specific joints including hands and wrists but they take about 10-20minutes to have an effect. Tinctures are absorbed slowly through the digestive track so their effect may not be felt for an hour or more.


The significance of the cannabinoid system in maintaining good health

“Your cannabinoid system. The endogenous cannabinoid system—named for the plant that led to its discovery—is one of the most important physiologic systems involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells.”

Bradley E. Alger, Ph.D., US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Every plant also has a cannabinoid system but Hemp, Flax, Hops, and a variety of other plants have these cannabinoids in such abundance that they are selected to extract cannabinoid products from. Every plant, depending on the field that it comes from displays different percentages of these cannabinoids. A full-spectrum distillate produced from a certain plant in a specific field from a specific species of hemp or cannabis will exhibit a different cannabinoid profile than a plant in the field next to it.

Humans are the same. Each person’s cannabinoid system is different and when deficiencies occur, bringing about physical symptoms and disease click here those deficiencies are specific to each person’s nervous system. The problem is not necessarily treated with any full-spectrum oil from a specific plant. Hence, the need to identify what’s in the plant as well as the need to determine what deficiencies are causing a person’s suffering. Unfortunately, the medical research required to establish testing and evaluation protocols is still in its infancy so don’t expect that your doctor will be prescribing medicine for cannabinoid deficiency any time soon.

BioSmart Research extracts the essential cannabinoids from Hemp Oil and then combines and manufacturers products from the isolates to treat specific conditions. You can buy more of what you need for the same price as what you would normally purchase a full-spectrum oil for. Because you are buying a specific ingredient in a higher dose that is laboratory and research-tested to treat your condition based upon the available research, you will most likely see an improvement. That is the best way to produce a nutraceutical that will produce the results that you are looking for.